The Good Hope Quilters Guild offers a library service to all guild members who attend the quarterly guild meetings.

There are 265 books available at present. The number varies from term to term as the library stock is updated regularly.

The lending fee is R10 per book and R30 per book for late books also applies. Members are welcome to recommend books to be purchased and are also asked to review books from time to time.

Library news is published in the guild newsletter.

The books are sorted into different catagories and colour coded with a sticker on the front cover. This makes it easier to find books members may be interested in. A catalogue of books is emailed to members twice a year and may also be downloaded as a PDF file.

Members are welcome to contact the librarian if they have any queries or wish to reserve a book.

1: Traditional
A) Patchwork      YELLOW
B) Applique and Baltimore    DOUBLE YELLOW
2: Quilting – hand and machine    PURPLE
3: Crazypatch, mola, embellishment and embroidery RED
4: Japanese patchwork and sashiko   PINK
5: Contemporary patchwork and fabric manipulation GREEN
6: Free style and fibre art     ORANGE
7: General and history     BLUE

Our friendly librarian, Renee de Beyer, is always willing to help you find the right book. Download a complete pdf catalogue of our books.

Click here to download PDF >>

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